CNT02536 Trane-American Standard XV90 (2) stage-variable speed Gas Furnace Control

Trane 2 Stage Heating- Variable Speed Furnace Circuit Board CNT02536 is now obsolete. This control has been replaced by Trane with KIT15017, KIT15018, KIT15019 or KIT15020. Please click the link below or enter any of these kit numbers in our Store Search  to find the correct new KIT you need. Find My Trane CNT02536 Replacment Kit Used in (100) Trane and American Standard furnaces.

ADY060R9V3V0 ADY060R9V3V1 ADY060R9V3V2 ADY060R9V3V3 ADY060R9V3W0
ADY060R9V3W1 ADY080R9V3V0 ADY080R9V3V1 ADY080R9V3V2 ADY080R9V3V3
ADY080R9V3W0 ADY080R9V3W1 ADY100R9V4V0 ADY100R9V4V1 ADY100R9V4V2
ADY100R9V4V3 ADY100R9V4W0 ADY100R9V4W1 ADY100R9V4W2 ADY120R9V5V0
ADY120R9V5V1 ADY120R9V5V2 ADY120R9V5V3 ADY120R9V5W0 ADY120R9V5W1
AUY060R9V3V0 AUY060R9V3V1 AUY060R9V3V2 AUY060R9V3V3 AUY060R9V3W0
AUY060R9V3W1 AUY080R9V3V0 AUY080R9V3V1 AUY080R9V3V2 AUY080R9V3V3
AUY080R9V3W0 AUY080R9V3W1 AUY100R9V4V0 AUY100R9V4V1 AUY100R9V4V2
AUY100R9V4V3 AUY100R9V4W0 AUY100R9V4W1 AUY100R9V4W2 AUY120R9V5V0
AUY120R9V5V1 AUY120R9V5V2 AUY120R9V5V3 AUY120R9V5W0 AUY120R9V5W1
TDY060R9V3V0 TDY060R9V3V1 TDY060R9V3V2 TDY060R9V3V3 TDY060R9V3W0
TDY060R9V3W1 TDY080R9V3V0 TDY080R9V3V1 TDY080R9V3V2 TDY080R9V3V3
TDY080R9V3W0 TDY080R9V3W1 TDY100R9V4V0 TDY100R9V4V1 TDY100R9V4V2
TDY100R9V4V3 TDY100R9V4W0 TDY100R9V4W1 TDY100R9V4W2 TDY120R9V5V0
TDY120R9V5V1 TDY120R9V5V2 TDY120R9V5V3 TDY120R9V5W0 TDY120R9V5W1
TUY060R9V3V0 TUY060R9V3V1 TUY060R9V3V2 TUY060R9V3V3 TUY060R9V3W0
TUY060R9V3W1 TUY080R9V3V0 TUY080R9V3V1 TUY080R9V3V2 TUY080R9V3V3
TUY080R9V3W0 TUY080R9V3W1 TUY100R9V4V0 TUY100R9V4V1 TUY100R9V4V2
TUY100R9V4V3 TUY100R9V4W0 TUY100R9V4W1 TUY100R9V4W2 TUY120R9V5V0
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