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Due to the nature of the products we sell directly to homeowners, we must have you read and understand this page. If for any reason you can't understand or agree to these terms we suggest you call a reputable Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in your area for assistance.


To our valued clients;


Once we get a part or supply request, we process the credit card or Pay Pal order and on approval by the card company or Pay Pal, we will send you an e mail confirming we are processing the order. Once the item ships you will get still another email with a tracking number if one is available (some Distributor's and Factories do not supply us a tracking number). Please be aware that if you are using an e mail client such as EarthLink and block our attempt to send the e mail to you to reduce your mail box spam, we will not continue to try and re-send an e mail or fill out forms to allow us to do so. Time just doesn't permit this.


We ship by U.P.S. or Fed Ex to all areas of the (49) United States. We do not ship outside of the U.S.A. There is no guarantee that orders placed after 1:00 P.M. Mountain Time will go out the same day.

Please examine any shipment immediately for damage and report any damage to the carrier. All parts are either shipped directly from our distributor, the manufacturer, or from our own warehouse. Every precaution is taken during shipment to be sure it arrives in good condition. No returns will be accepted on electrical parts unless WE shipped the wrong part. Any returns must be pre authorized by us before they are returned. In the event that the part is returned to us because it was the wrong part, we will confirm with the part manufacturer that it is indeed incorrect before we issue a credit to you. (Manufacturers often make substitutions to their part numbers that we have no control of). If it is NOT an incorrect part we can not ship it back to you without collecting for shipping from you. Any returns must be returned unused, in re salable condition, in the original box with all original instructions, hardware etc. that came with the part. THE ORIGINAL BOX MUST NOT BE RIPPED OR OTHERWISE DAMAGED. Any returns must be shipped to us at buyers expense. A 25% re stocking charge will apply to any returned items, except if we or our distributor shipped the wrong part. Any bank charges we incur will be deducted from any refund you receive, unless we or our distributor shipped the wrong part. Cancelled orders that have not already been shipped will have 10% deducted from any credit you receive for handling of your cancellation. If a part has been shipped we CAN'T cancel your order! All parts are new and carry the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is between the manufacturer and a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor, however, if a Licensed H.V.A.C. Contractor hasn't installed the part, your warranty with the manufacturer will be at risk. If the part has been installed by a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning contractor, that company can return any part under warranty but YOU can't! We do not process any warranty parts.

Example #1: Most furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners now have a (5) year parts warranty from the manufacturers. Since we didn't install the equipment, you need to get these warranty parts from the original installer.

Example # 2
If you have a part that you purchased from us installed by a licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor and they say the part was bad, they will need to fill out any warranty information since they were the ones that installed the part. The information needed will vary from one manufacturer to another so we can't list everything that may be needed, but the date the replacement part was installed, the defective part number it is replacing, the model and serial number of the equipment, the flash codes that the original service call showed, the component description, the name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number of the servicing company are but area few of the
things that willl be needed. If any iinformation is left out on these forms, the manufactuers will decline the claim, so be sure to inform the service person of this if they say you have a bad part. They will also need to sign and date this form.
If your service company says the part was bad on arrival and you have told them about what will be needed please contact us and we will send you the manufactuers forms once we recieve them from the Distributor or manufactuer.

No warranty from MY HVAC PARTS. COM or our distributors is expressed or implied No agent of ours has the authority to express or imply any other warranty policy. Shipping charges will be added to all purchases. U.P.S. Ground shipping USUALLY takes between 3-5 business days, depending on your location. Peak periods such as Christmas tends to slow shipments down. These charges will be shown when you go through the Checkout. If you have asked us to order a special part not listed on our web site, bear in mind the part probably has to come from another location, distributor or even a manufacturer's factory. These things will take even longer. Phone orders will require a shipping address, phone number and credit card information BEFORE we ship an item.


We make Next Day Air ordering available because we realize at peak cold or hot periods, this is very important. A couple of problems have come up however, using this option that we wish to make folks aware of.
If we don't actually ship the part from our own warehouse as is the case many times when we have to get a part directly from the manufacturer (such as Carrier, Trane or Lennox as examples) we ALWAYS spell out that it is a NEXT DAY AIR ORDER in bold letters if we send the order in electronically or by fax. If we call it in, we repeat several times that it is NEXT DAY AIR. The problem seems to be, by the time their shipping Dept. gets the message it sometimes gets lost. If this should occur ( unlikely )
the only thing we can do is refund the difference to you between Ground shipping and Next Day Air. We can not resend another part unless you wish to pay again for the new part and wait for them to give us a credit. Once we receive a credit we will then refund you. We realize this is a less than perfect situation, but this is how the manufactures all handle this situation.

Next Day Air shipments are not shipped on the weekend so please order on Thursday by noon if you need a Next Day Air delivery to arrive by weekend. Please bear in mind that Next Day Air service is NOT available to all areas of the U.S.A. or Canada. Please confirm with U.P.S. before ordering. Please check with U.P.S. at (800) 377-4877 or www.ups.com before deciding which method of shipping you want.


All parts we sell are meant for installation by a qualified, licensed H.V.A.C. Company. All parts are to be installed to all Federal, State and Local Codes as well as manufacturers instructions that apply to the part.

All products we sell require certain expertise particular to the Heating and Air Conditioning industry, to diagnose, install and otherwise make for a safe and successful repair. We make every effort to include wiring diagrams, links to manufacturer's web sites, tips and installation pictures on typical installations on the appropriate pages on our site. Manufacturers sometimes include instructions and or wiring diagrams and sometimes they neglect to include them. We have no way of sending you these items as they either come with your part or they don't. Manufacturers reserve the right to make changes with no notice, as such our web pages may say a part comes with certain information and even may show photos as such but since the manufacturer chose to drop including items we can't control this. (Sorry). However, every repair job or installation carries it's own parameters, so any tips, or pictures are only intended as guidelines to assist the installer. Working with Gas Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Handlers, Oil Furnaces, Boilers, Heat Pumps, Humidifiers, Electronic Air Cleaners, Thermostats, or any component, part, or supplies related to these items can cause damage to the part purchased, the equipment it is being installed on, and damage to the surroundings of the building, as well as serious personal injury or death. Myhvacparts.com, or our distributors will not accept any responsibility for any damage to the part, the equipment, or the surroundings nor any damage from injury to any person during the installation of any part or supplies that we sell. If you feel you have all the necessary tools, as well as the electrical and mechanical knowledge to successfully diagnose, and install these products please accept our thanks for your order.

About prices and support.

We keep our Internet prices as low as we possibly can by buying QUALITY parts and equipment from distributors that give us their absolute lowest price, when they don't, we go elsewhere. We will do all we can to be sure you are 100% satisfied with our service. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices found in the descriptions brought up by search engines are NOT necessarily current prices since the search engines may take weeks to update their findings.

EBay notice:

Please do NOT expect us to compete with items you may find on EBay.
Many of the parts you find on EBay are often used or previously installed items. They MAY or MAY NOT be good! Once any part is installed, especially electrical items, they can be and often are, damaged due to as yet unseen problems elsewhere in the system. This is why every HVAC parts supplier that we know of won't take returns on electrical items! This is similar to buying an alternator at an auto supply, installing it, then finding that wasn't the REAL problem and trying to return it. Way too many people try to avoid paying a service company to diagnose an HVAC problem and simply THINK they can just buy "what they think is wrong" and return it if it isn't the problem. This is how many of the EBay items end up there in the first place. If you aren't able to diagnose your problem, PLEASE call an Service Company to diagnose it!

Privacy Policy.

Your information is NEVER sold or transferred to any 3rd parties except for the shipping of your part. Should we ask for any form to be completed, be assured it is only for the immediate order or to aid you if problems do arise.

Ordering from our site is done through Secure Socket Layers and a S.S.L. Certificate which resides on our server. None of your private information leaves our Secure Server. No credit card information is stored on our own computers or files, except for the last (4) digits, therefore if there is a return made back to your credit card we may need to get this information over the phone from you again.

Using our Affiliate Links

We participate in many affiliate programs both to help support our web site, and to aid our clients. Many of these affiliate partners offer valuable services to clients such as help in finding contractors, figuring out sizing for heating and air conditioning systems as a couple of examples. Clicking any of these links may cause you to get more spam e mails. We can not be responsible for the content of these sites nor their use of tracking cookies that they may place on your computer. While we feel fairly confident in these sites, please use these links at your own risk.

About shipping and special orders.

We ship to you by U.S.P.S. Fed Ex or U.P.S. Ground within all 50 States of the United States. Most items ship the next business day. Orders that have to come from a manufacturer may take longer as we have no control over their shipping policies.
U.P.S. or Fed Ex will not ship to P.O. Box numbers and require an actual address to ship to. Options for different shipping methods are given at checkout with a drop down menu. Shipping costs will be added at checkout on all orders. There are NO RETURNS on special order parts.

To help find your part we will need the Model and Serial number of the equipment the part is in. Some manufacturers want the Manufacturers number, Series number, Product number or Revision number included.

We no longer ship special order parts (parts not found on our web site).




Refusal of a delivery by a client.

Any shipment to a client that he or she refuses delivery on without a return authorization by us will not receive a credit on. If the client wants the part or parts returned still again, they will have to pay for the shipping back to them again.

Return Policy

All returns must be within (15) business days of you receiving the order.

Returns will be accepted if the part is wrong and is obviously our fault or our Distributors fault. If you have received a defective part please call us for a return claim. You will have to pay for the new part as well as shipping to be sent again. Once we receive it and test it, we will notify you of the results at which time we will credit your card or send a check to you if the part is defective. If it is NOT found defective, you will not receive a credit or the part back, nor the shipping charges.

No returns are accepted on any Electrical or Electronic items. Also there are several items such as blower wheels that are not returnable. Any items besides electrical items that are not returnable will say so on the description on the respective web page.If any of these items are damaged you should file a claim with the carrier immediately. Under some circumstances we will authorize a return to us. This return must be sent back to us within (15) days that you received it. No return will be accepted after the (15) days. Any return must be sent back to us at your expense and in re salable condition with all original packaging and instructions and/or any paperwork that came with the part or parts. Do not mark on the original carton as to make the box not able to be resold please. Do not damage the box the part came in as Distributors will NOT take it back! Do not send any part back to a distributor that it may have been shipped from, rather send it to us at the address below. Do not send anything back without getting written authorization from us first as we will not ship it back to you or refund any money to you. Any re stocking charge that a distributor charges us on a return will be deducted on any refund you may get. Any bank charges we incur will be deducted from refunds.

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Please have all your ordering information ready.

Sales E- Mail support is available at sales@myhvacparts.com


Due to the nature of the products we sell directly to homeowners we must have you read and understand our terms of use page. If for any reason you can't understand or agree to these terms we suggest you call a reputable Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in your area for assistance. Your safety and the manufacturers warranty also requires it. Please click this link.

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